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Mission Statement

Gladstone Street Elementary will...


Reach our entire learning community

Teach to expand knowledge and life skills

Provide leadership and support in a safe environment

Abide by our commitment each day


Through a shared responsibility, we at Gladstone Street School will accomplish this by providing a climate conducive to developing essential skills, attitudes and knowledge, utilizing community and educational resources, effective assessments and innovative practices in a safe, supportive and attractive learning environment.

College Bound & Career Ready

Here at Gladstone Street we proudly display our college flags and banners throughout our campus. Flags wave in the multi-purpose room as a daily reminder to students that they, indeed, are college bound! Teachers and Staff also display information on different colleges and universities in their classroom for students to see.

We are College-Bound and Career Ready!


Our School


Gladstone Street Elementary (TK-5) School, home of the Eagles, has a rich history of almost six decades of educating pupils in the heart of the City of Azusa. Teachers and staff work in partnership to provide all students a rigorous education that will allow them to compete in the global economy as adults. In addition, the school develops responsible and productive citizens; creates partnerships with parents, families and the community; and provides a physically and emotionally safe place for all pupils. Gladstone Street Elementary School is dedicated to maintaining a solid partnership between school, parents, Azusa Pacific University, (APU) and community to ensure the success of all students.  We offer parent education at each grade level as a way of encouraging parents to take an active part in their child’s education.

Our staff recognizes the important role that self-esteem plays in the success of each child. In conjunction with creating a positive environment for learning, we have identified school-wide behavior expectations for students called "Positive Behavior Intervention System" (PBIS).  Our PBIS motto is: "Gladstone Street Students SOAR: Show pride & respect, Obtain goals, Act responsibly, & Remember safety." Students have many opportunities to be recognized for their academic achievements such as Reading Counts!-Words Read, Student of the Month, Eagle of the Quarter, Perfect Attendance, Honor Roll and Principal’s Honor Roll. Teachers value, and are committed to their continuing professional development by participating in workshops, collaboration and study Professional Learning Communities, (PLCs). At Gladstone Street there is an academic focus with interventions throughout the instructional day as well as before and/or after school.

Gladstone Street Elementary is a place of excellence where students will recognize and achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, and moral development. This is accomplished by supporting students socially, emotionally, and academically through academic differentiation, intervention, and rigor.


Our beliefs include:

  • All pupils can learn and achieve at high standards regardless of gender, class, ethnicity, or culture.
  • Social-emotional health and development is critical to achieve academic success.
  • Achievement is tangible, clearly-defined and measurable.
  • Strong 21st century instruction is necessary to prepare students to become college and career ready.
  • Early and effective instructional support occurs throughout the day to guarantee student success.
  • Effective learning involves the entire community.
  • A clean, safe and orderly campus promotes social and academic success.


We will:

  • Promote positive community participation and facilitate continuous communication that ensures active parent involvement through school functions.
  • Provide a safe and orderly school site that adheres to discipline that is firm, fair, progressive, and consistent.
  • Collaboratively establish, maintain, and accomplish high expectations through open-ended, creative thinking in academics and behavior.
  • Model and provide positive reinforcement for good moral conduct exhibiting Respectful, Responsible and Safe Characteristics.


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Positive Behavior