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principal stout

Mr. Kent Stout - Principal

teacher of the year

Congrats to Mrs. Bui our 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year

Instructional Aid Support Staff
Mrs. Manqueros General
Mrs. Gonzalez General
Ms. Elisia Morning 
Mrs. Raygoza RSP
Mrs. Sandoval SDC
Mrs. Draper SDC
Ms. Anna Life Skills
Mr. Joseph Life Skills
Ms. Stephanie Life Skills
Ms. Cecilia Life Skills
Ms. Karina 1:1
Ms. Noyola 1:1
Ms. Tse 1:1


Gladstone Street School honors classified employee of the year!


Classified school employees fill numerous vital support roles that make teaching and learning more effective. In recognition of the important work that classified employees do, the Azusa Unified School Board honored the district’s Classified Employees of the Year at the board meeting on January 16th.

Gladstone Street congratulates Kattie Carmona our classified employee of the year! 

Pre School & Transitional Kinder & Kindergarten


Mr. Cruz

Rm 2 (PS)

Mrs. Dyer

Rm 1 (TK)

Mrs. Muñoz

Rm 3 (K)

Mrs. Gonzalez

Rm 5 (K)
First Grade & Second Grade  

Mrs. Bui

Rm 4 (1)

Ms. Amancio

Rm 7 (1/2)

Mrs. Hill (Class Page)

Rm 6 (2)
Third Grade  

Mrs. Guillen

Rm 22

Mrs. Reece

Rm 24
Fourth Grade & Fifth Grade  

Ms. Christensen

Rm 19 (4)

Mrs. Pielsick

Rm 28 (4/5)

Mrs. Bell Ramos

Rm 27  (SDC)

Mrs. Wright

Rm 25 (5)
Life Skills  

Mrs. Rodriguez

Rm 14 (K-2)

Mrs. Everling

Rm 18 (3-5)
Resource Teacher & RSP Teacher  

Mrs. De La Torre

Rm 13 (RT)

Mrs. Dreager

Rm 20 (RSP)


Support Staff

Mrs. Julie

Mrs. Veronica
-School Clerk

Mrs. Alma
-Community Liaison

Mrs. Liz
-Health Aide

Mrs. Gallardo
-Library Aide

Ms. Carmona
-Computer Lab Aide

Mr. Thomas
-Head Custodian

Ms. Colburn

Mrs. Marchena
-Band Director

Mr. Bush

-PE Teacher

Ms. Limon
-District Pyschologist


Noon Supervision support staff

Ms. May

Ms. Irene

Ms. Casey

Mr. Ignacio 

Mrs. Crystal


Cafeteria Staff

Ms. Godinez

Ms. Jaimes

Ms. Llantada

Mrs. Neito


think together

Ms May

Miss Victoria

Miss Grace

Miss Sonia

Mr  Daniel

Homework Club

Coach Mariah

Coach Steve