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Eagles SOAR

This year we will focus on 4 Behavior Expectations on our campus. We want all Gladstone Eagles to SOAR with success. We expect students to daily:


Show pride & respect
Obtain goals
Act responsibly
Remember safety



Students who follow the Behavior Expectations will receive Eagle Bucks. Once a month they will be able to spend their Eagle Bucks on a preferred activity. We call this PBIS Game Day. For thirty minutes, students can have computer time in the lab, play sports, play board games, draw on the sidewalk, or even watch a movie and eat popcorn. In addition, we have The Eagle Buck Store where students can purchase many fun items.


Students who DO NOT follow the expectations will receive an ODR (Office Discipline Referral).
The teacher will take an opportunity to teach the student the correct behavior expectation. The ODRs are sent home for parents to sign. In addition, the teacher will let the parents know if their son/daughter are going to lose a privilege, like recess. If the student continues the Minor Problem Behavior, the behavior is then considered a Major Problem Behavior. All students who receive an ODR for a Major Problem Behavior will receive a morning detention at 7:20 on Tuesdays.



Positive Behavior Intervention & Support

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) is a proactive positive
behavior program used to create and maintain a safe and effective learning environment in school and beyond.  Students are taught and revisit expected behaviors throughout the year. Students learn about expectations in the classroom, cafeteria, computer lab, library, office, restrooms, halls, playground, and at dismissal and pick-up.

When students display good behavior, Eagle Bucks can be earned and then redeemed at the principal's store. When a student is "caught" with good behavior an Eagle Buck may be presented along with an explanation of "why" the Eagle Buck was earned.

Students are learning that good and positive behavior has its rewards. Making positive choices is a life-long skill.

New PBIS Behavior Matrix
*Click on Image to enlarge
Behavior Flow Chart

At Gladstone Street School a clip up/clip down behavior management system is used.

Every student begins the day on GREEN - Ready to Learn.

Students can clip up to:

BLUE - Good Choices.

PURPLE - Great Job.

PINK - Super Student.

Students can clip down to:

YELLOW - Think About It.

ORANGE - Teacher's Choice.

RED - Parent Contact.

Throughout the day, clips can move up and down allowing students that clipped down for inappropriate behaviors to clip back up!