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Mr. Kent Stout - Principal


"Thank you, Rosanne, not only for the awesome tamales, but for your passion, your drive, your commitment to work every day……helping, teaching, and inspiring the students at Gladstone Street School.  We are proud that you are our Classified Employee of the Year!" 

Congratulations to Mrs. Daryn Dyer!

Mrs. Dyer teaches the Transitional Kindergarten classes in room 1. Mrs. Dyer has been a Kindergarten teacher prior to TK. She is on the school leadership team and the district's math leadership team.

We are proud to recognize our 2017 Teacher of the Year!






Transitional Kinder & Kindergarten

Mrs. Dyer - Rm 1 (TK)
Mrs. Munoz - Rm 3
Mrs. Gonzalez - Rm 5


First Grade

Mrs. Bui - Rm 4
Ms. Christensen - Rm 8


Second Grade

Mrs. Ferguson - Rm 7
Mrs. Hill - Rm 6


Third Grade

Mrs. Guillen - Rm 22
Mrs. Reece - Rm 24


Fourth Grade & Fifth Grade

Mr. Lotz - Rm 30 
Mrs. Pielsick - Rm 28 (4/5 Combo)
Mrs. Bell Ramos - Rm 27 ( 4/5 SDC)
Mrs. Wright - Rm 25


Life Skills 

Mrs. Rodriguez - Rm 14 (K-2)
Mrs. Everling - Rm 18 (3-5)


Resource Teacher & RSP Teacher

Mrs. De La Torre - Rm 13 (RT)
Mrs. Draeger - Rm 20 (RSP)


Support Staff

Mrs. Marquez- Secretary

Mrs. Olivas- School Clerk

Mrs. Wilson- Community Liaison

Mrs. Enriquez- Health Clerk

Mrs. Gallardo- Library Clerk

Ms. Carmona- Computer Lab Clerk

Mr. Chavez- Night Custodian

Mrs. Manqueros- Instructional Aide

Mrs. Gonzalez- Instructional Aide

Mrs. Raygoza- RSP Instructional Aide

Mrs. Sandoval- SDC Instructional Aide

Mrs. Draper- SDC Instructional Aide

Ms. Garcia- Life Skills Instructional Aide

Ms. Lopez-Roon- Life Skills Instructional Aide 

Ms. Perez- Life Skills Instructional Aide

Ms. Tamayo- Life Skills Instructional Aide 

Ms. Castaneda- Noon Supervisor

Ms. Escobedo- Noon Supervisor

Ms. Flamino- Noon Supervisor

Ms. E. Gallegos- Noon Supervisor

Ms. S. Gallegos- Noon Supervisor

Ms. Godinez- Cafeteria Staff

Ms. Jaimes- Cafeteria Staff

Ms. Llantada- Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Nieto- Cafeteria Staff

Ms. Colburn- Speech/Language

Mrs. Marchena- Band Director

Ms. Limon- District Pyschologist