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Principal's Message

Dear Gladstone Street Students,

Thank you for an amazing 2017-2018 school year.

This year we shared many great memories at different school events. The Halloween Parade was one of our first events of the year. It was fun to see many of you dressed up parading around the blacktop. In November, we celebrated with the Harvest Festival packed with fun carnival games. I really enjoyed all the Movie Nights, Spaghetti Night, Shakey’s Night, Track Meet, and many other events sponsored by our amazing PTA. In addition, we had our monthly awards assemblies. I am so proud of all of you who received awards for your hard work each month. Without a doubt, this year has been full of determination and fun.

I want to wish all 5th grade students the best of luck as you continue on your road to college next year in middle school. Remember you will always be a Gladstone Street Eagle, no matter where you go. I believe you can achieve anything you want, if you continue to apply yourself and always give it your ALL!

Have a great summer and we will see you next year.

Mr. Stout

Principal Stout dressed as a doctor
Principal Stout Dressed As Pizza