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Fifth Grade Band 2017 - 2018

Welcome to Beginning Band!
Below is some information about the program.

Classes: There are two classes per week. One class will be held during your Music and P.E. day. Instead of attending your general music class, you will attend Beginning Band with the band director. For the second class, you will be pulled out of your regular class for 45 minutes for band instruction. Classes are held during school hours, not after school.

Grades: You will receive a citizenship grade (Outstanding, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, or Unsatisfactory) for participating in Beginning Band. In order to receive a favorable grade, you must attend class regularly and give your best, bring your instrument, book, pencil and accessories to class always, practice at home what you learned in class, and participate in scheduled performances. You must maintain an Outstanding or Satisfactory grade to be eligible for Honor Roll.

Home Practice: Take your instrument home every day to practice what you have learned in class. Set aside 15 to 30 minutes every day to review and practice old and new musical concepts and songs. Find a quiet place where you can practice without distractions or interruptions. Parents, if you have close neighbors, please inform them that your child is in the band program and will need to practice at home a few minutes each day as part of homework.

Instrument Care: It is very important that you take care of your instrument in order for it to continue working and responding properly. Please do not allow siblings or friends to hold or play your instrument. Never share your mouthpiece with anyone. If you use a reed to play your instrument, do not share your reeds.  They are very expensive, and sharing used reeds is unhealthy. Keep your instrument clean and your case clean and organized. Do not store your book or extra stuff in your case, unless you have extra storage space that will keep your book or extra stuff from touching your instrument. The band teacher will show you how to keep your instrument clean and well maintained.          

Performances: There will be 1-3 performances toward the end of the school year to demonstrate to your parents and peers what you have learned. Most performances are during a school assembly or activity. You will have one evening performance in May. This is your end-of-the-year concert where you will perform alongside other 5th-grade Beginning Band students at one of the two high schools' gymnasium. Make sure you have a semi-formal outfit for this event.


For more information, contact your Band director, Mrs. Marchena, at 626-622-2974 (text or call) or e-mail:



Mrs. Marchena


626-622-2974 (text or call)

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