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Gladstone Street Elementary School

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Canned Food Drive

  The annual canned food drive is now underway through Dec. 15. Our school goal is 750 items. If every student brings just two items, our goal will be met!

  Items such as canned vegetables, fruit, meat, sauces, and soups are needed. Packaged items such as cereal, potatoes, noodles, and soup are also needed. Any non-perishable food items are needed including baby food.

  No perishable items such as fresh fruits, meat, dairy products, and vegetables.

  Items can be sent to school with students or dropped off in the school office.

  Items donated will be given to a local food bank that serves families in our community.

5th Graders Tour USC on Field Trip

Fifth grade students in Mrs. Wright's and Mrs. Pielstick's classes recently toured USC. It is important to make the College Connection at an early age. Providing students with the opportunity to visit a university allows them to see that anything is possible!


Festival of Arts

A giant Jenga was a favorite of students that recently attended the district's Festival of Arts.


   A school-wide Accelerated Reader (AR) homework project has been implemented this year. This program will help to increase student reading skills and achievements. Annual test results indicate that a consistent, mandatory reading emphasis will be beneficial to students in all grade levels.

   Each week students will be assigned AR homework nightly. This homework will include questions geared for fiction and non-fiction books and an activity to do to organize the answers to the questions. These activities may be a Thinking Map, list, illustration, outline, or other graphic organizer. Students will then write two or three sentences about what was read that day.

   This new AR homework will ensure students understand what is read daily in the required 20 minutes of reading homework.

   Parents sign daily to verify their student completed the AR homework.

More School News!

For more information about Gladstone St. Elementary policies and procedures for absences, breakfast and lunch schedules, dismissal, etc, see  News.

School Supplies Needed for 2016-2017 Year

School supplies that will be needed for the 2016-17 are listed. Many great sales are held during the summer months. Please plan to purchase needed items for your student. A supplies list is ...more

spirit day banner.jpg


Every Friday is Spirit Day! Students are encouraged to wear red. School spirit shirts that are red, white, or other colors can also be worn. Red school spirit shirts with an Eagle on the front are available for purchase in the school office. Shirts cost less than $10 and are available in many sizes. If interested in purchasing a school shirt, stop by the office. Go Eagles!!!!

Parents Encouraged To Check AR Progress

Parents can use this site to monitor how their student is doing with the Accelerated Reader program. You can see how they are doing on comprehension questions from books read. Students should have an ...more


  BOKS is a fun, physical activity program to energize the body and brain for school while teaching healthy habits. APU students teach fun exercises, games, and nutrition tips to help students be strong and healthy.

  This free program continues through Thursday, Dec. 8. BOKS is open to students in second to fifth grade. It is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:15 to 8:00 a.m. Registration forms are available in the office. Only 40 slots are available. A waiting list will be available.

  Build Our Kids Success (BOKS) and register your student for the program.

What College Did Your Teacher Attend?

Want to know where your teacher went to college? Visit the Staff page!

Santa's Workshop Is Coming For Gift Buying!!!

  Santa's Workshop is coming once again! Students will be able to purchase low-cost gifts for family members and friends during the week-long event. Santa's Workshop will begin with a preview for students on Monday, Dec. 12. Santa's Workshop will open for sales from Wednesday to Friday.

  Only students are allowed to purchase items at Santa's Workshop until Friday afterschool.

  Cash only!

harvest festival brings fun for all!

Students, parents, teachers, staff, and friends. Put them all together and it brings fun, fun, fun! The second annual Harvest Festival brought games, prizes, food, and trunk or treat to those at Gladstone Street's family fun event. Thank you to families that donated candy for the trunk or treat; volunteers that helped set up, worked a booth, or cleaned up; teachers that ran a game booth for kids to enjoy; and parents for sharing the event with their children. For more photos, visit more News.


College And Career Ready!

  Students at Gladstone St. have a daily reminder that they are college-bound! College flags and banners can be seen throughout the school. Large flags wave in the multi-purpose room. Banners and flags can be seen in the office...and every classroom has information about a college displayed. We are College Bound and Career Ready!!!



   Box Tops for Education can be sent to school anytime! Continue to save Box Tops for Education throughout the school year. Last year our school received about $1,000 from box tops collected during the school year. Box Tops for Education can be found on items such as cereal, tissues, toilet paper, diapers, crackers, and many frozen food items. Each Box Top for Education is worth 10 cents. Often packages will include more than one box top. Sometimes stores will have a promotion and will give a receipt with additional box tops. 



Early Start

8:10 - 1:10 (M,T,W,F)

Late Start

9:10 - 2:10 (M,T,W,F)

1st-3rd grade

Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri.

8:10 a.m. - 2:10 p.m.

4th-5th grade

Mon,, Tues,, Wed., Fri,

8:10 a.m. - 2:38 p.m.

All Grades

Every Thursday-Early Dismissal


8:10 - 1:10 p.m.

1st - 5th grade

8:10 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

All Minimum Days

8:10 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.


For a schedule of all minimum days, visit the school page.



Dear Gladstone Students and Families,

It is our vision at Gladstone Street Elementary to provide each of our students with the best educational experience! I greatly encourage all parents to participate in all of our school activities: Back to School Night, Open House, parent meetings, conferences, be a volunteer and be an active and engaged member of the various Parent School Advisory Committees: School Site Council (SSC); English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC); and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).


Clothes Collected for Fundraiser

  Good, reusable clothing items for all ages - men, women, teens, children, and babies - are being collected for a fundraiser. Additional items being collected are jackets and shoes. Clothes and shoes that others can wear are appreciated. Please do not send any items with holes and too worn. Clothing items can be brought to the school office.

  This ongoing fundraiser will continue through the end of January.


Missing A Jacket???

The lost and found bin is overflowing! If your student is missing a jacket, sweater, lunch pail, or other item brought to school, be sure to check out the lost and found in the multi-purpose room. Hundreds of misplaced and thought to be lost items are there.


PBIS Teaches Positive Behavior to Eagles

   PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) is a proactive positive behavior program used to create and maintain a safe and effective learning environment in school and beyond.  Students are taught and revisit expected behaviors throughout the year. Students learn about expectations in the classroom, cafeteria, computer lab, library, office, restrooms, halls, playground, and at dismissal and pick-up.

   At Gladstone St. a clip up/clip down behavior management system is used. Every student begins the day on green - Ready to Learn. Students can clip up to blue - Good Choices; purple - Great Job; and pink - Super Student. Clip down to yellow - Think About It; orange - Teacher's Choice; and red - Parent Contact. Throughout the day, clips can move up and down allowing students that clipped down for inappropriate behaviors to clip back up!

   When students display good behavior, Eagle Bucks can be earned and then redeemed at the principal's store. When a student is "caught" with good behavior an Eagle Buck may be presented along with an explanation of "why" the Eagle Buck was earned. Students are learning that good and positive behavior has its rewards. Making positive choices is a life-long skill.

Eagle expectations are:

1.  Be Safe

2.  Be respectful

3.  Be responsible

Parents Needed For School Site Council

   Be a part of the decision making at Gladstone Street! Parents are needed for the School Site Council. This group of teachers, classified staff members, community members, administrator, and parents meet four times a year. Be informed and help others be informed. Call the school office at 815-6700 for more information. 

College of the Week

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly, Pomona)


The Gladstone Street PTA plans and provides a variety of activities and incentives for the students. This group of volunteers consistently has events planned and opportunities for students, parents, family, and the community. Each month the PTA plans a family event. For more information, visit  PTA.


  Did you know that Gladstone Street School has a recycle bin in the parking lot. Families and community members are encouraged to put items for recycling in the bins which include aluminum cans, glass bottles, and paper. Once a month the bin is picked up and the contents are taken to the waste management company for recycling. Profits from the recycling are used to purchase technology needs at school.

  Students in Mrs. Bell-Ramos' class are responsible for picking up recycling items from each classrooms each week.

  Thank you!